Friday, November 27, 2009

How do you clip a dairy cow for show?

I have been showing Jerseys for years, and now switched to Holsteins. Jerseys were easy to clip, you just gave them a body clip a week or so before the show and left it at that. Holsteins have very long, course hair, though, and combined with an ancient pair of clippers that are also dull, I am having a hard time. I think I will clip the legs, tail, head, and neck, and leave the body untouched. I will also work the top line a little. Will this be enough? I have been placing in Showmanship for the last few years and since I am teaching a bunch of youngsters how to show cows it is almost necessary that I set a good example and clip this cow the right way. Thank you!

How do you clip a dairy cow for show?

You might want to ask your local extension agent in your County or State as they may have a clipping and fitting guide for you.

Not sure where you live, but I know the Universities in Minnesota and Wisconsin have Dairy clubs that may be able to assist you. Here's a link to the Wisconsin Dairy Club Links page where there are many resources and I would guess something there will get you what you need.

Also, check for a professional fitter and look at web sites from professional photographers showing Holsteins in show form. Photos from Holsteins shows should be helpful too.

Sorry couldn't offer more insight.

Good Luck!

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