Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oster Powerline Professionals?

I've been cutting hair for awhile, not licensed but just around my neighborhood etc. After buying many 20$ Wal-Mart brands and having them break after a month or so I decided to get some professional clippers.

I went ahead and got some Oster Powerline Professionals (OS-76076-040). Haven't recieved them yet but I was wondering if I should return these and get some Oster 76' Classics? They both cost around 120$. Are they basically going to be about the same so I can just stick with the Powerlines.

Also thinking about getting a T-Blade to hook up some designs.

Any Suggestions from people who have tried out the powerlines would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance - Mark

Oster Powerline Professionals?

follow the reviews! they usually tell the truth, ebay probably has really good reviews for this and many other brands to choose from! pick the best and cut away!

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